Sunday, January 16, 2011


The best days and obviously the unforgettable days of my life are my school days. And I am dedicating this blog post to all my schoolmates who makes these 7 years, the unforgettable days of my life. Let me first thanks to all of u guys...Thank you very much… 


In my life people have come and gone
And I was made to believe that everything was wrong
That happiness was too far out of reach
That a true friend in my life
I could never keep

Then one day, I saw you all there
And a friendship began that has never faded
It has only grown stronger, never to be jaded
You have seen my inner most deepest thoughts
Witnessed the pain that life has brought

And yet you stand right by my side
Never letting me give up and hide
Your friendship has kept me through the darkest of nights
And with all these wrongs, you all make it right

I am truly blessed to have a friends like you
And there is nothing in this world that I would not do
For you, my friends are a diamonds in the rough
And all these words will never be enough
To truly express what your friendship means
And how to the end, I will always be
There for you, through the good times and the bad
Because you friends, are the best friends I ever had....!!!!!


  1. nice one.
    i like it.
    navodaya ki yaad mat dilaya kar , mein emotional ho jata hoon. ab agle ek ghante mein navodaya ko hi yaad krta rahunga.
    i also wanna live navodaya life again.
    teri english to gajab hai. kaash humne bhi rawat sir ki chaaplusi kar li hoti , to aaj HR se bahar naa hote.
    kavita badiya likhi. aage bhi likti rah aur padhvati rah.
    waiting for next post.

  2. thanx vikas...n plz follow my blog..i wnt sm more followers...yeah sure i will write sm more...nd yeah the navodaya lyf is always awesome for me..the memories of navodya can't be shaded...thy always remains fresh...nd dont worry u will be selectd to the good one...wait for ur...its not the the end yet...

  3. nice one suchita...
    sab ek se bad k ek writer hai bhai apne bech..
    lagta hai ab pura batch hi writer banega..
    accha hai lagi rah..

  4. han sumukh yr lgta to yhi hai puri class kahi writter hi na ban jye...