Monday, May 30, 2011

वो .

वो ..
दर्द उनका भी आँखों से बयां होता होगा,
दीवारों में परछाइय़ा सर टकराती होंगी,
चोट तो उन्हें भी बहुत आती होगी,
सपने उनके भी टूट जातें होंगे,
मन में उमंगों की भीड़ सी जमा होगी,
चेहरा कुछ बयां करने की कोशिश करता होगा,
पर समझने वालों की कमी है कुछ इस जहाँ में,
इसीलिए शायद कोई समझ न पता होगा,
जब अपना दर्द किसी को समझा न पाते होंगे,
तब आसुओं में शायद खुद ही डूब जाते होंगे,
तब मेरी ही तरह खुद पे कई सवाल उठाते होंगे,
सवालों के जवाब न मिलने पर,
 उन अँधेरी परछाइयों फिर से ग़ुम हो जाते होंगे,
दुनियां के सामने झूटी मुस्कराहट लिए भीड़ में ग़ुम जाते होंगे,

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Facebook addiction…

Hey guys,

Today nothing much had happened to my life that make me think a lot ..but today I was just checking out my facebook account and feel that its really  true that I am addicted to the facebook,it is so because every time when I feel that I have some free time I just open my facebook account and check the updates,even if I don’t have posted or updated my status since from last few days…still I wanted to check it out that there will be any update for me..i don’t why I m so addicted to FACEBOOK….
Now its not only me,there are so many like me or I can definitely say more addicted than me,they use facebook like their syllabus book,even when I was in 12th seriously teeling you that I don’t know how to use the PC,I have PC at that time but it was not mine it was of my big brother and I just know how to watch a movie on that PC and listen songs and nothing more than that and I just heard about the name of internet and I don’t know how to use it,it really very funny but its very much true,even when I open it  for my councelling result I don’t know where to write that URL and where to write roll no….But now days generation is too fast even the 4th and 5th class student are having account on facebook..and how cam to know about it when I meet my masi’s son and he is in 4th class he ask me to join him on the facebook..and I shocked…and amazed…and also when I was in second year I just go to the cyber café where I have seen one boy came and occupy a seat where he is searching some birds pictures and also some historical indian monuments and with this on another tab he had opened a facebook accountand on another tab an orkut account,at that time I own only a orkut account which I checked rarely..on that day I came to know one thing that facebook is really quite famous site…..and 2-3 month later I also have an facebook account…
And really now I feel addicted to it..but as I said that there are so many that are much more addicted then me…and this is because they update every thing on the facebook like its not facebook for them its is lifebook to him,they just like to update their status not once in a day it is like once in hour, some of them are addicted to the facebook games,they always send the request to play games,like every time when I open my account 1 update I found that is farmville request and I never accept it..because I don’t like the games like farmville….it really sucks…some of them have habbit or addiction to use facebook applications,they always use the applications and answer some silly question about others and post it on their that they will also use them…it also sucks….some guys always stay connected in their exams also….like they have the only book to study is the facebook…
For facebook is the best way to stay connected with friends but still I m also addicted to it now I need some help to get rid of this addiction because it really sucks…when I open the history of the internet site nothing other then facebook pages were found…and I m really getting sick of it…
But stil I liked it a lot because its connect me to my friends and I able to chat with them… I often meet them but still I can see their pics over their….and really it’s a cool now…
FACEBOOK-Stay Connected …….

Saturday, May 21, 2011



Hey friends again its me with some more thoughts and battles of my mind..but this time its some thing different…bacause today I was only enjoying  the outside wheather its so wonderful out side..the tempreture comes down and Mr sun wasn’t able to come out side from the bulky clouds…but the mind never stop to think so its on his work as always..and here I will beginning  with my morning dream because for me it was too good…
I was on express way and driving a AUDI with full speed and we are going to agra… as I told u the outside wheather is too good,so enjoying the wheather and I have some spl. persons with me in my car I would like to have their names first  Ms joohi rastogi(she is from my school and ofcource she is my senior),Himani rajput(my classmate of school),Ambika(my class mate of school),sumukh bansal(my classmate of school)..and some more friends but I don’t remebered it exactly..and wow what a awesome ride…great….And after that one voice came suddenly and said “uth jao beta ab dopahar ke 12 baj rhe hai bus sote hi rehna hai kya” and I came to real world from the dreamy world……I wish that I have an AUDI too….but I know that I will never have it…but still hopes are on……as in our ancestral way never loose hope…..

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

एक ख़याल...

एक ख़याल...

एक ख्याल बड़े दिनों से मेरे मन को सताता है,
रह रह के बार बार कुछ याद दिलाता है,
मेरे मन के हजारों तार छेड़ जाता है,
जिससे अपना अक्स मुझे आईने में नजर आता है,
ख्याल कुछ ऐसा है-
"की जिंदगी अगर ऐसी चली होती तो कुछ और हो भी सकती थी"
"क्या मेरे सपनो के राह आसान हो भी सकती थी??"
बहुत सोचने पर मेरा दिल ख्यालो से ऊपर उठता है,
जवाब देता है-अगर जिंदगी का रुख इस ओर ना होता तो,
तो इस जिंदगी के माएने थोड़े कम हो जाते,
ओर हम बिना इन कीमती दोस्तों के मायूस रह जाते,
आखिर सपनो को उड़ान ना भी मिली तो क्या हुआ..
अपनों के मायने जिन्दगी में कैसे समझ पाते,
बस मेरा ख्याल वही चुप हो जाता है,
अंधेरो की गेरैयों में फिर कही ग़ुम हो जाता है,
ओर फिर नयी तहरीरे जुटाने में लग जाता है,
बस एक ख्याल.......

Wednesday, May 11, 2011



रास्तों में खड़ी होके मंजिलें ढूंढ़ रही हूँ मै,
आँखों में सपनो का सैलाब लिए घूम रही हूँ मै,
सोचती हूँ कुछ तो ख़ास होगा कही मेरे लिए,
बस इन्ही कुछ सवालोँ में खुद को खोज रही हूँ मै,
अज कल वक़्त से ही क्यों हर वक़्त शिकायत है मुझे,
पागलो की तरह क्यों उस खुदा को कोस रही हं मै,
जाने क्यों खुद मे ही बार बार गलत होके भी,
फिर से सही होने की आस लगी है मुझे,
और फिर से बार बार गलत होने के एहसास को धो रही हूँ मै,
क्यों है मेरी ये जंग खुद मुझ से ही,
हर सपना क्यों घूम है मेरा इस भीड़ मे,
क्यूँ उन खो चुके सपनो को आगाज़ दे रही हूँ मै,
रास्तों में खड़ी होके मंजिलें ढूंढ़ रही हूँ मै....!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

MOM-: you are a treasure

Happy mothers i m expressing some of my views..for my mother...plz appreciate and happy Mothers day to all of those wonderful mothers...

MOM-: you are a treasure

There’s a certain
word that best describes
you,And that
word is “wonderful”…..
It’s wonderful
how you’re always giving
While asking nothing
in return,It’s wonderful
how you always
seems to have a smile on
your face.- It makes
everybody else
want to smile,too….
Its wonderful
How you’re always there
If some one needs
Advice,and howyou seem
To know exactly
The right thing to say…..
Simply put,it’s
Wonderful having a MOM
Like u…..!!!!!

Aj kal tanhayee hai raton me,
kuch soone se  sapne hai aankhon me,
jinme rangon ki kuch kami si lagti hai,
sapno me mere kuch parchaiyan hai,
ake darati hai,is sehme se dil me dastak de jati hai,
ye dil sehema sa man ko jagata hai,
pr man andhere ki aahat se aur sehem jata hai,
andhere ke sath,mera darr aur gehrata hai,
aur dil apni tanhayeeyo me jor se chillata hai,
In dur tak cheekhti chillati awazo ko koi nhi sunta hai..
Tab bus dil se dua nikalti hai..
Kash koi to hota jo mjhe suna sakta,
In tanhayee ki sisakti raton me..
koi to hota......