Saturday, May 21, 2011



Hey friends again its me with some more thoughts and battles of my mind..but this time its some thing different…bacause today I was only enjoying  the outside wheather its so wonderful out side..the tempreture comes down and Mr sun wasn’t able to come out side from the bulky clouds…but the mind never stop to think so its on his work as always..and here I will beginning  with my morning dream because for me it was too good…
I was on express way and driving a AUDI with full speed and we are going to agra… as I told u the outside wheather is too good,so enjoying the wheather and I have some spl. persons with me in my car I would like to have their names first  Ms joohi rastogi(she is from my school and ofcource she is my senior),Himani rajput(my classmate of school),Ambika(my class mate of school),sumukh bansal(my classmate of school)..and some more friends but I don’t remebered it exactly..and wow what a awesome ride…great….And after that one voice came suddenly and said “uth jao beta ab dopahar ke 12 baj rhe hai bus sote hi rehna hai kya” and I came to real world from the dreamy world……I wish that I have an AUDI too….but I know that I will never have it…but still hopes are on……as in our ancestral way never loose hope…..

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