Friday, July 8, 2011

The stupidity of News channels..

The stupidity of News channels..

Hello guys…back again…but not with battles of my minds it’s because I am fed up of these News channels..Now I am illustrating one happening of real life…
I was watching TV as usual but watching a program on Zee TV that was basically a reality show of little children. Its been 15 or 20 minutes I watched it… then my father’s voice interrupted me in between..
“what are u looking for in these kind of serials they are of no use…u didn’t have any talent in yours and watching the other talents…” its really been awkward  that if we don’t have talent then why shouldn’t we watch the others talent…but its kind of habitual now for me that my father said this to me..
After more 10 minutes he again interrupted(still m watching that ZEE channel) and said (now I m illustrating it in Hindi) “ Beta,subah se kabhi news channel bhi lag alia kro,yha tum yhi dekhte rhoge wha chahe duniya idhar se udhar ho jaye” ..Now its time to react…instantly I changed the channel to Aaj tak..
And that was really embarrassed moment for my papa and for me also...that news channel was showing “how DHONI’s wife Sakshi is bringing luck for him??” and showing the places where the couple is seen together and all… and as I listen the news I murmured “Lo ji palat gyi duniya”…and as the impact we laughed all together…
But really by seeing the stupidly news covered by the News channels..The people always think that there is gonna be something interesting happening out there but the reality will be something else..This is really ridiculous…Its really irritating… stupid News channel….

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  1. That's so true. News channels have become entertainment channels. Gone are the days when news was for half an hour on DD channel where you really used to listen to news but what would happen if that half an hour has to stretch to 24hrs ? They would have Dhoni's luck, Saans Bahu Serial happenings and all other things which should never be regarded as News!

    Thank you for the post.